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I am here to help you discover your ​inner strength, achieve your goals, ​and find lasting happiness through ​personalized coaching rooted in ​faith, self-care, and purpose

Iesha Congo Watson

CEO & Founder of Beauty for Ashes Ministries, Inc.

Author, Master Coach

Ms. Delaware North America

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Hi, I'm Iesha

Iesha Congo Watson is a dedicated advocate and life coach with a passion for ​empowering individuals to live their best lives. She holds certifications as a ​Professional Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Goal ​Success Life Coach, and Master Life Coach through Transformation Academy. ​In addition, she is a ordained minister , Board Certified Christian Counselor, a ​Certified Grief Coach and Certified Self-Care Advocate.

Currently reigning as Ms. Delaware North America, Iesha embodies grace and ​resilience, inspiring others through her journey. She is the founder of Beauty ​for Ashes Ministries Inc., a guiding light for women navigating life's ​challenges.

Iesha is also the author of "A Walk Through the Valley," sharing her insights ​on overcoming adversity and finding happiness. Her coaching approach ​integrates faith, self-care, and purpose, helping clients achieve personal and ​professional fulfillment.

Join Iesha Congo Watson on a transformative journey toward a more ​empowered and purposeful life.

Start Your Journey

Whether you're seeking clarity in your life's purpose, striving to achieve meaningful goals, ​or longing to enhance your overall well-being, I’m here to guide you. Begin your journey ​toward empowerment and fulfillment today.

Coaching Philosophy

Iesha's coaching philosophy is simple yet powerful: empower individuals to discover their ​purpose, achieve their goals, and cultivate happiness. With a compassionate and ​personalized approach, she helps clients integrate faith, self-care, and purpose into their ​lives, fostering lasting transformation and fulfillment.

A Walk Through

The Valley

“A Walk through the Valley" is a heartfelt testimony of the stages of grief I ​have traversed, infused with strategic insights and inspirational healing that I ​wish to share with others. Through my journey, I aspire to uplift and ​encourage readers, reminding them that God never leaves nor forsakes, and ​He draws near to the broken-hearted.

My hope is that these words resonate deeply and touch the hearts of all who ​need them, offering solace and strength in times of struggle.

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A Dose A Day ​Affirmation Journal

The 30-Day Affirmation Journal encourages daily affirmations, ​fostering a positive mindset and prompting personal growth

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Iesha Congo Watson

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