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Health, Faith, Friendship

Ready to start your journey of self-discovery and healing? ​Let's walk this path together, embracing resilience, ​empowerment, and the bonds of friendship.

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I am here to help you discover the strength within, walk through adversity, and embrace a life filled with hope, purpose, and the enriching power of meaningful friendships.

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Hi, I'm Iesha

Iesha Congo Watson, reigning Ms. Delaware North America, is an advocate for ​resilience and empowerment, renowned for her expertise in friendship dynamics. She ​is the author of "A Walk Through the Valley," a poignant testament to her journey ​through grief and healing. Beyond her literary contributions, Iesha is the founder of ​Beauty for Ashes Ministries Inc., a beacon of hope guiding women through life's ​challenges. She is a sought-after speaker and preacher, seamlessly weaving faith and ​resilience into her teachings.

With a keen focus on fostering fellowship and meaningful connections, Iesha ​ministers on the importance of faith in navigating life's journey. Through her ​counseling, she emphasizes the significance of belief systems , genuine ​companionship and support networks. Her unwavering dedication to empowering ​others is evident in her work in women’s ministry, where she encourages individuals ​to find strength and purpose in their personal narratives.


- Board Certified Christian Counselor

- Certified Self-Care Advocate

- Certified Life Purpose Life Coach

-Certified Happiness Life Coach

A Walk Throu​gh

The Vall​ey

Iesha Congo Watson has inspired many through her ​book "A Walk Through The Valley."It offers strategic​ insights and inspiring pathways to healing​

A Dose A Day ​Affirmation Journal

The 30-Day Affirmation Journal encourages daily affirmations, fosteri​ng a positive mindset and prompting personal growth



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Iesha Congo Watson

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